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Paint Protection Film Services

At Kleaned, located in Avon, CT, we are proud to offer exceptional Paint Protection Film services. We specialize in XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF and XPEL STEALTH Paint Protection Film, ensuring your vehicle is protected from the elements while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Our XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF is a high-performance film that provides superior protection against rocks, bugs, sand, keys, and salt that can damage your car's paint. This film is designed to last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, ensuring your vehicle stays looking its best for longer.

Meanwhile, our XPEL STEALTH Paint Protection Film offers the same high level of protection but with a satin finish. This film is perfect for preserving matte paint jobs and can also transform glossy paints into a sleek satin finish.

At Kleaned, our skilled professionals ensure the precise application of these films, resulting in a flawless finish. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted choice for Paint Protection Film services in Avon, CT.

Rest assured, at Kleaned, we don't just deliver Paint Protection Film services - we provide unbeatable, industry-leading protection for your vehicle. With our superior products and expertise, we guarantee your vehicle will not only be safeguarded but will maintain its aesthetic appeal for years to come. Your vehicle's longevity and appearance are our top priority, and we're confident we exceed expectations in both.

Auto Detailing Services

At Kleaned, we take pride in being the premier choice for Auto Detailing services. Our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to perfection have earned us a top spot among the best auto detailing services in the region.

Our expert team is trained to treat your vehicle with the utmost care it deserves, ensuring every nook and cranny is cleaned and polished to perfection. Whether it's interior detailing, exterior detailing, or full-service detailing, we have you covered.

Our interior detailing service includes vacuuming, steam cleaning, and polishing of all interior surfaces, leaving your car's interior looking and smelling fresh. Our exterior detailing service, on the other hand, involves thorough washing, waxing, and polishing of your vehicle's exterior, protecting it from the elements and giving it a glossy shine that turns heads.

For those who want the best of both worlds, our full-service detailing package is the perfect choice. It combines both interior and exterior detailing services, leaving your vehicle looking as good as new from the inside out.

What sets us apart at Kleaned is not just our exceptional services but also our commitment to customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers are delighted with our work, and it's this dedication that has helped us earn the trust of car owners in Avon, CT.

So, if you're looking for the best auto detailing service in Avon, CT, look no further than Kleaned. Trust us to give your vehicle the professional care it deserves.

Window Tinting Services

We provide top-notch Window Tinting Services at Kleaned, located in Avon, CT. Our area of expertise is XPEL Window Tint and Ceramic Window Tint, ensuring you receive premium-quality services for your vehicle.

Our XPEL Window Tint is engineered with advanced technology that provides superior heat rejection, glare control, and UV protection. This tint not only enhances your vehicle's aesthetics but also significantly improves its comfort and safety levels.

Furthermore, our Ceramic Window Tint is renowned for its exceptional durability and performance. It offers excellent heat reduction, blocking out harmful UV rays while maintaining optimal visibility even in low-light conditions.

At Kleaned, the window tinting process is carried out by our skilled professionals, who ensure a precise fit and flawless finish. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted choice for window tinting services in Avon, CT.

With Kleaned's Window Tinting Services, you can enjoy enhanced privacy, improved comfort, and the sleek, stylish look that comes with professionally tinted windows. Trust us at Kleaned to deliver superior window tinting services that keep your vehicle looking great and feeling comfortable.

Ceramic Coating Services

We are proud to offer XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating - a revolutionary product that provides superior protection for your vehicle's paintwork and Paint Protection Film (PPF).

XPEL Fusion Plus is a flexible, thin, 9H ceramic coating specifically developed to work with PPF and painted surfaces. This high-performance ceramic coating offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance. It means your vehicle will be able to withstand the harshest of elements while maintaining its pristine condition and shine.

One of the standout features of XPEL Fusion Plus is its hydrophobic properties. It means it repels water, making it harder for dirt, grime, and other contaminants to stick to your vehicle's surface. The result is a car that stays cleaner for longer and is easier to clean when it does get dirty.

But that's not all. XPEL Fusion Plus also enhances the appearance of your vehicle. It boosts the color depth and clarity of your vehicle's paint, resulting in a stunning, mirror-like finish that turns heads wherever you go.

At Kleaned, our skilled professionals are trained in the precise application of XPEL Fusion Plus, ensuring optimal results every time. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, making us the go-to choice for Ceramic Coating services in Avon, CT.

When you choose Kleaned for your Ceramic Coating needs, you're choosing superior protection, enhanced aesthetics, and peace of mind. Trust us to keep your vehicle looking its best for years to come.


Kleaned's New State-of-the-Art Detailing Facility

Our high-tech facility is second to none.

Open year-round in Avon CT, our car detailing Avon CT center is an indoor, climate-controlled facility. Here at Kleaned our team of highly trained associates is constantly attending seminars and trade shows to help us better serve you. By keeping up with the latest products, equipment, and procedures, we will keep your vehicle or motorcycle looking show-ready. Our facility is equipped with auto lifts to ensure our associates have improved visibility and can thoroughly remove road tar, stains on lower panels, inner fender wells, and deep wheel cleaning. Contact us today!

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Got ceramic coating for my Tesla model y. Super friendly and professional service. Answered all my questions, made me feel at home while I waited. Car looks great, definitely coming back whenever I can
Paul W. MacDonald
Paul W. MacDonald
Had our Acura detailed this morning and it came out beautiful. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. Best detail experience I’ve had, recommend Kleaned service. Paul MacDonald
Courtney Anderson
Courtney Anderson
Miracle workers! We needed an emergency deep clean of our interior today and they were able to help us right away. They were very upfront with us about the time it would take and the pricing, and could not have been more accommodating. They did a fantastic job. Considering the state the vehicle was in just a few hours prior, I was blown away by the end result. It looks like a brand new car inside. I hope to bring my other cars for detailing/etc in the future (under less dire circumstances, LOL). Can't recommend them enough. Thank you!
eileen seiger
eileen seiger
What a find! They did a great job of cleaning and detailing my 6 year old car. Like new! Cars always drive better when they are cleaned. Highly recommended. (Nice staff too.)
David Burbine
David Burbine
Went to Kleaned to get an interior detail. Amazing experience! Very friendly and thorough staff and the interior of my car feels like I just drove it off the lot at the dealership! Definitely will be coming back!
Lorna Neag
Lorna Neag
My car had many scratches, and the men at Kleaned removed them all!! My car looks better than brand new!! They worked very hard, and gave special attention to every detail! The owners are friendly, and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend Kleaned!
Amy Miller
Amy Miller
I highly recommend Kleened! I took them my 2012 Honda Pilot that I basically raised two kids in over the last 12 years and they made it look almost brand new. 😀Professional, skilled, clean, social… a wonderful experience all around.!
Kush Doshi
Kush Doshi
They did a Great job with my tesla. Got front ppf, tints, and ceramic coat and i am very impressed. Definitely recommended
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
This was my first time at Kleaned and I'm super happy with all of it. Had a headlight restoration done and it's very good. Had a chance to also chat with John and had a nice time with him. Will definitely be back!!
Curt Sinatro
Curt Sinatro
John and his staff are excellent! I dropped off my vehicle to have paint correction, PPF installed on front end, entire car ceramic coated and windows tinted. John and his staff did an amazing job, the attention to detail to make sure the vehicle looks perfect shows. Highly recommend Kleaned for all of your vehicle needs, whether it is a full detail or just a hand wash, Kleaned is the place to go!
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